Cloud-based software that drives your business.

Pulse Business Software

Pulse Business Software has been in business since 1996. The focus of their work is in developing, marketing and supporting the Pulse application. In addition to this, we do provide other services, all based on the expertise around the application.

As part of implementing Pulse, our implementers have skills in report writing, business process as it pertains to Pulse and the ability to make changes to existing implementations where it makes sense.

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Software Overview

Pulse Enterprise Software provides you with a global view of your business, making your processes transparent and simple to manage. This web browser-based software is easy to deploy and thus is especially well-suited to geographically dispersed businesses.

Pulse Enterprise equips you with the tools to deliver first-class customer service, track, and manage your sales activities while managing your projects and resources in the most profitable manner. Financial information and tasks are handled simply and effectively, and together with asset tracking, provide you with a full business management application. With superb reporting capabilities, as well as Google Earth integration, Pulse Enterprise empowers the decision makers in your business.

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